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3 Large Driver Keys


Set Up:

  • Tee the ball high if you’re looking for max distance, lower if you’re looking for more accuracy.

  • Tilt your spine away from the target. Set up to hit up!

  • Drop the trail foot back inside the target line to aid in making a bigger turn.


At the Top:

  • Make as big a pivot as your body will allow, trying to feel the trail leg straightening and the trail hip elevating.

  • Get the handle as far back as you can into the backswing. It should travel both up and in.

  • The longer the backswing the greater the energy you can pump into the system and the more time you have to organize on the way down.


At Impact:

  • Drive the weight down and towards the target in the early downswing.

  • As you approach impact push hard on the lead foot. This will raise the handle, elevate the angle of attack and increase the power.

  • Feel your hips opening up nicely to the target.

I know that these simple keys will help to improve both the distance and the accuracy that you have been experiencing off the tee! Give them a go and if you have any questions, please just reach out.

Cheers and thanks for reading !


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