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2022 Golf Travel Bag Buyer’s Guide

With the summer approaching, golf travel vibes are taking flight. But what are you doing to protect your golf clubs?

All golf travel bags are not created equal.  After testing nearly all travel bags the market has to offer, we can prove there are huge differences between most of them.

A couple of tips:

The more wheels, the better. More wheels allow you to push or pull your golf travel bag with ease.

Some bags have extra legs and wheels that extend allowing you to pull or push your clubs with one finger. It’s just that easy.

Whether you’re looking to buy a golf travel bag today, looking for some buying advice or just want a closer look at what’s on the market right now, this guide will help you find the right one.

Winner: Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series

It has been true for a few years that Sun Mountain produces the best golf travel bags on the market. This year is no exception. The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series may be one of the heavier travel bags but with that weight comes great durability and outstanding maneuverability. Its four-wheel system allows you to pull the bag with your pinky finger. Throw in a one-year warranty and you have the winner of the 2022 Most Wanted Travel Bag Test.

  • 1st in durability
  • 16th in packing
  • 1st in maneuverability
  • 3rd in protection
  • 8th in storage


For those golfers who want your clubs to be tucked up nice and snug for the journey should consider the OGIO Mutant. It has best in class protection throughout the bag with a good amount of storage for extra items.

Features That Matter


Versatile wheels are the way to go. Some have just two. Others have six. No matter how many wheels your travel bag has, it is imperative they work with ease because travel is stressful enough.

The travel bag that performed best in this category was the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series. Others that performed well were BagBoy Freestyle and Tour Trek TC-Flex. All have multiple wheels that rotate 360 degrees.


Keeping your golf clubs protected is the primary function of a travel bag. There’s nothing more depressing than going on a trip and getting to your accommodation and discovering your driver snapped in half. The best golf travel bags have ample padding throughout with extra at the top part of the bag to keep your clubs snug and safe.

Ogio, PING and Sun Mountain ensure your clubs are tucked up safe and sound for the journey. The ClubGlove Last Bag XL Pro Tour also performed well in this category


There is a multitude of options. Some are more durable than others. Different materials provide different levels of protection but it’s a misconception that hard outer shells are always more durable and offer better protection. Hard shells tend to crack more easily while materials that are semi-rigid and spring back to their original shape tend to be more durable than bags that have loose material.

What’s the point of having an item that only lasts a season? The best golf travel bags that will stand the test of time are Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series, ClubGlove Last Bag XL Pro Tour and Srixon Travel Cover.

EXPERT TIP – Lock Your Travel Bag

If you travel often, make sure you have a padlock that is TSA-approved so they don’t have to break into your travel bag.

BEST ROLLING TRAVEL BAG - Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series

BEST ROLLING TRAVEL BAG – Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series

The Best Golf Travel Bag in 2022 goes to the Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series. One of the reasons for this win is because of its extendable legs making it easier to roll from car to airport. Trust me, it’s a game changer.

More Tips

  • Not every bag offers the same quality of protection. The best golf travel bags of 2022 keep your clubs safe against the worst the airlines have to offer.
  • Many of the best golf travel bags of 2022 have side or front pockets to stow extra items rather than cramming them in your suitcase. As long as weight doesn’t become an issue, additional pockets can save space and money. But beware that some airlines charge an additional fee for overweight items.  Check that out before you arrive at check-in.
  • Golfers who want a leisurely stroll in and out of the airport should consider travel bags with four or six wheels as they typically require minimal effort to roll and control. Sun Mountain Club Glider and Tour Trek TC-Flex are good examples of bags with more user-friendly wheel designs.
  • If you travel often, durability is a significant consideration. Material that is thin and baggy won’t last as long as thicker and more rigid materials.
  • Wrap extra material—a towel, perhaps—between your clubs before closing the bag. This will protect them from rubbing against each other and hopefully avoid breakage.
  • Stand bag legs can be damaged from time to time. Again, try to cushion them when packing your travel bag. The Bag Boy T-2000 has a stand protector to help prevent damages on those trips.


Keep an eye on the weight while packing for your trip. Travel bags that already weigh a lot will hinder your ability to cram extra items into your travel bag. Going over on weight can prove expensive depending on the airline.


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How We Test

We’re here to help you find the perfect travel bag to fit your needs.

To do that, we employ a thorough and fully independent testing process that leaves no feature unexplored, no display unchecked, and no stone unturned.

Our Metrics

Travel bags are tested head to head with rigorous protocols.

The metrics we consider when rating travel bags include Durability, Packing, Maneuverability, Protection, and Storage

The Best Golf Travel Bags of 2022 – FAQ

Q: Do soft-sided golf travel bags work?

A: Yes. The majority of golf travel bags are soft-sided and provide full protection. Yes, some are better than others but the best performers in the test provide outstanding club protection.

Q: How necessary are wheels?

A: Completely. Every airport is different and you don’t want to be the guy lugging your clubs on your back from terminal A to E. Save yourself and let the wheels do the work.

Q: Will every golf bag fit in every travel bag? 

A: That varies from company to company. Some companies, like Club Glove, offer multiple sizes of travel bags for virtually any size of golf bag. Other manufacturers take a one-size-fits-all approach. While your stand bag will likely fit in any travel bag, if you’re a staff bag kind of guy, you’ll want to take extra care in making sure your travel bag can handle your golf bag.

Q: Why can’t I find many hard-shell travel bags anymore?

A: Simply put: Hard-shell golf travel bags are becoming obsolete. Rigid designs are more prone to impact damage, cracking and, ultimately, total structural failure. Softer, semi-rigid materials absorb blows better and will often do a better job protecting your clubs.

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