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PRGR LS Fairway & Utility Woods


Introducing the new PRGR LS Fairway and Utility Woods!

The key thing to mention right off the start is that these are ideal for players that have a driver swing speed of around 90mph and that is usually someone who hits their 3 wood around 210 yds. PRGR believes this fits a key segment of players and is designed to maximize flight with a high initial velocity, high trajectory, and proper spin for more carry and distance.

In regards to the overall material and construction of the fairway wood head.  They take a milled face made of their own custom 455 maraging steel and laser weld it to the body which is also stainless AM355P.  The crown is CFRP pressed to the body.  They paint over the carbon which I like very much and without knowing the head had a carbon crown it is difficult to notice or hear anything other than the steel at impact.

I have hit all the LS woods for almost 3 rounds now.  The shape and feel are what stood out to me the most,  I really enjoy the lower profile face on the FW and UT which really helps get the ball up. The shape is not oversized and nothing looks elongated as you could expect to see in more forgiving clubs.  The LS series should appeal to the majority of golfers.

I tend to lean to Titanium fairway woods because I have noticed they always provide a little more distance and get up easier but these new LS woods meet the distance and trajectory I would get from my usual Ryoma FW or JBeam G-FW which are both titan made.

The feel off the face is pure,  not hollow or echoing and this extends across the line from Driver to Hybrid.   They have a somewhat deeper back profile which is the visual that better players want to see.

Worth noting is how penetrating the trajectory is,  it’s a high piercing flight that even with the standard shaft does not get floaty.  That said I am keeping these clubs but changing the original shafts out.  My considerations are the Fujikura EVO FWII FW 70 Stiff or the LOOP FW Seven by Syncagraphite.  Both are excellent shafts that play very stable and help get the ball airborne easily.

The trajectory is aided by what PRGR calls slash groove technology.  I understand why they patented this design after hitting the entire lineup of LS clubs,  In my opinion, without speaking with PRGR directly this slash groove starts the launch higher of and already more penetrating flight characteristic and the end result for me at least was a great distance head to head against other top contenders.    Higher launch + Piercing Flight.  LS = Launch & Spin by the way.

You can factory custom order from a variety of shafts including Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Mamiya UST, and Graphite Design or TSG can custom build you a club using one of our boutique shafts from brands such as LOOP, Fire Express, Deramax, Basileus, Crazy, and many more.    If you need a custom club feel free to reach out to [email protected]


Count 3W 5W
Loft angle (°) 16.5 20
Volume (cm 3 ) 186 182
Face angle (°) -2.0
Lie angle (°) 59
Length (inch) 42.5
Gross weight (g) S (M-43) 311
SR (M-40) 306
R (M-37) 305
balance S (M-43) D-1
SR (M-40) D-0
R (M-37) D-0
Shaft weight (g) S (M-43) 49
SR (M-40) 44
R (M-37) 43
Shaft torque (°) S (M-43) 5.9
SR (M-40) 6.1.
R (M-37) 6.1.
Shaft KP H
grip Weight: 43, Diameter: M60, Code: None, Backline: Yes
material Face: Maraging Steel (CUSTOM455)
Body: Maraging Steel (AM355P)
Crown: Carbon (CFRP)
Manufacturing method Face: CNC machined
Body: Precision casting
Crown: Press molding





Moving on to the new PRGR LS Hybrid,  much of the same.  I played these several rounds and practice sessions and they checked boxes, especially in shape and feel.  The material construction is nearly identical but the hybrid does not have a carbon crown.  I’ve hit a few CFRP crowned hybrids, for example, the new Baldo and while those are ridiculously awesome long they still have a carbon-like sound at impact. I can get used to that sound no problem but if I had a preference in terms of feel it would be without carbon.   All that aside as I mentioned in my comments about the fairway wood above with the PRGR LS 3 wood I doubt anyone could tell it had a carbon crown by the sound and feel at impact.

the face is nice and shallow but one thing to note is the lofts are slightly higher across the board for the same # club vs the more player PRGR RS series.  for example, the RS 3 wood is 15* while the LS is 16.5*.  This only helps most players as it’s rare someone hits a 15* perfect to an effective 15*.  The 16.5* gives a little bit of support as many of us tend to not come into the ball perfectly and end up hitting a lower trajectory than we wanted.

Overall the LS series is very impressive and can toe-up or beat any of the most popular OEM’s new clubs.  The standard shafts must go so my suggestion would be to go with a factory upgrade changing to a true aftermarket shaft to provide you better accuracy and a more consistent result.


Count 4UT 5UT
Loft angle (°) 23 27
Volume (cm 3 ) 133 128
Face angle (°) -3.0
Lie angle (°) 60
Length (inch) S (M-43) 40
SR (M-40) 40
R (M-37) 40
Gross weight (g) S (M-43) 339
SR (M-40) 333
R (M-37) 332
balance S (M-43) D-1
SR (M-40) D-0
R (M-37) D-0
Shaft weight (g) S (M-43) 57
SR (M-40) 53
R (M-37) 51
Shaft torque (°) S (M-43) 3.6
SR (M-40) 3.8 3.8
R (M-37) 3.9
Shaft KP M
grip Weight: 43, Diameter: M60, Code: None, Backline: Yes
material Face: Maraging Steel (CUSTOM455)
Body: Maraging Steel (AM355P)
Manufacturing method Face: CNC machined
Body: Precision casting



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