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Brampton Technology, LTD. Epoxy PRO-FIX 5&10 Rapid Cure – Golf Club Repair.85 Ounces


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Pro Fix is a high-grade shaft bonding epoxy designed to be versatile, affordable, and effective for golf club repair. Unlike generic epoxy formulas, Pro Fix bonds shaft types using advanced materials like graphite and titanium without harming the equipment. Includes 0.85 ounce double barreled tube and is ready to use.

If you want to upgrade your golf clubs without breaking the bank, either replacing the shafts or replacing the clubheads can be an excellent way to improve your golf game. If there are specific areas in your game that you need to improve, upgrading specific clubs can be more cost-effective than changing out your whole set.

Regular shaft and clubhead replacement can also improve your golf game for regular players. You can also use it to extend club shafts when the stock shaft height is not appropriate for your body or swing style.

Pro Fix provides a more reliable bond than generic epoxy formulations. Pro Fix is specially designed to be effective for all material types.

Removing Your Old Clubheads

Ensure proper ventilation and the use of protective equipment like safety goggles and rubber gloves before attempting to remove epoxy from your golf club shafts.

You can have your old clubheads removed from a shaft at a professional golf shop, or you can use a tool like a heating gun to melt the old adhesive, carefully remove the shaft without rotating it, and then clean it with fine sandpaper and/or a golf club shaft cleaning brush.

When the shaft has cooled, you can attach the new clubhead with Pro Fix. Keep in mind that Pro Fix Gold Epoxy only allows for a 3 to 5 minute working time.

About Brampton Technologies

Brampton Technologies was founded in 1997 by a father and son who were professional club builders and instructors on all major golf tours, and a chemical engineer with multiple patents for adhesives and specialty polymers.  Brampton’s mission is to help both golf manufacturers and golf enthusiasts to enjoy greater safety and a cleaner working environment by creating effective, safe, and non-toxic products for the golf community.
RAPID CURING EPOXY: Bonds all shaft types including graphite and titanium. Ready for play in 10-20 minutes with 2-3 minutes of work time. Gets golfers back on the course and out of the repair shop as fast as possible without compromising strength of bond.
EASY DISPENSE DOUBLE BARREL CARTRIDGE with .85oz: Mix ratio 1:1 by volume. No tools needed.
AEROSPACE GRADE BONDING STRENGTH: Tensile bonding strength rated at 5,100 PSI. Tough enough for 120+ mph golf swings.
INSTALLS CLUB HEADS TO GOLF SHAFTS: Use PRO-FIX Epoxy to install new club heads or re-shaft your golf clubs. Follow the easy 8-step instruction process.
PRO-FIX EPOXY WORKS WITH ALL SHAFT AND CLUB HEAD MATERIALS: Many epoxy types won’t work properly with graphite or titanium.


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Brampton Technology, LTD. Epoxy PRO-FIX 5&10 Rapid Cure – Golf Club Repair.85 Ounces


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