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The Greatest Golf Gear of 2022


After months of testing, with tens of thousands of shots, hundreds of hours, and nearly 100 human testers – we put together a list of the top-performing products of the 2022 season this far! From drivers to shoes, gloves, and more our mission is to inform and protect the golf consumer.

We want you to get the most out of your money, time, and performance. That means providing you with reviews you can trust, as well as honest reporting on the latest issues affecting the game today.  As testing continues and winners roll in, check back for the running collection of MyGolfSpy’s Best Golf Gear of 2022.

2022 Best Driver: PING G425 MAX

The PING G425 MAX earned the highest overall score across the 2022 Most Wanted Driver Test. The G425 MAX was near the top for most metrics and finished on top of the Accuracy category.

One of the main reasons why PING G425 MAX is the overall winner of the 2022 Most Wanted Driver Test is accuracy. Its Playable Shot score was the highest in the test and its Straight Shot score was in the top five.

Best Blade Putter: COBRA King 3D Grandsport 35

With a stellar performance from 10 feet, COBRA’s KING 3D Printed Grandsport 35 takes home the crown of Best Blade Putter of 2022. Finishing at #1 for the 2022 season, this has the team excited for what is to come in the future of 3D printing in golf.

3D-printed nylon gave COBRA the stability of aluminum that they needed and improved its weighting profile. Overall, the COBRA designers can make putters that would be impossible with traditional technologies.

Best Mallet Putter: PXG Battle Ready Bat Attack

Placing in the top three from each distance, PXG’s Battle Ready Bat Attack caps off an incredible performance, earning the title of Most Wanted Mallet.

PXG has removed mass from the middle of the head. Combine this with the new tungsten wings and, once again, we have a recipe for MOI boost.

Best Players Irons: NEw Level 623-CB Forged

Propelled by its outstanding accuracy result, New Level 623-CB Forged claims the 2022 Most Wanted Player’s Iron title. This newcomer was a strong performer across all of our accuracy metrics.

Player’s irons generally are the most expensive irons. In this year’s test, there is a wide range of pricing. For value, you can roll with the 2022 Most Wanted Winner, New Level 623-CB Forged at $840 (4-PW).

best driver for a slice 2022Best Driver for a Slice: PING G425 SFT

Too many golfers are familiar with a slice. It is a distance killer. However, PING continues to defy the odds. PING G425 SFT was once again the most left-sided bias club in our test. If you are looking for a product to potentially limit your slice, the SFT is the way to go.

Best Spiked Shoes: FootJoy Tour Alpha

The 2022 Best Spiked Shoe award goes to FootJoy’s Tour Alpha. It performed well across all categories but excelled in stability and traction. The Tour Alpha comes in six colors with multiple size options.

Best Spikeless Shoes: Payntr 002X

The PAYNTR 002X has taken the No.1 spot in 2022. It has superb comfort while not sacrificing stability. The 002X also has great traction that keeps you grounded no matter how hard you swing. It is one you definitely need to consider.

Beating out the rest in Most Wanted 2022, we have high hopes for this up-and-coming brand from across the pond.

Best Stand Bags: Vessel Player III DXR

The Vessel Players III DXR is No. 1 in 2022. It comes with 10 pockets to tuck away your essential items. The DXR has two magnetic drink holders that expand when in use but collapse when empty. The DXR dividers are functional and do not snag which is a must that makes it easy to have it featured in the Best Golf Gear of 2022.

best sunday bag 2022

Best Sunday Bags: COBRA Ultralight Sunday

The COBRA Ultralight Sunday bag wins Best Sunday Bag in 2022. Its three-way fully lined functional top allows for good separation, ensuring your clubs aren’t bunched up. It was also knighted “Best Walking Bag of 2022.”

Best Cart Bags: PING DLX

The PING DLX is the Best Cart Bag of 2022. It provides an abundance of storage, has a magnetic rangefinder pocket and a hidden shoe compartment on the belly of the bag. Throw in non-snagging dividers and the fact it is easy to clean and you have a great bag.

Best Premium Gloves: PXG Players

For the second year, the PXG Players glove is No.1. It has some of the softest leather available, making it feel like a second skin. Throw in great grip and feel and you have the best premium golf glove in 2022.

best golf glove 2022

Best Performance Gloves: Red Rooster The Cape

The Red Rooster The Cape took the No. 1 spot in 2022. It has the softest leather and the best grip. It has stretchy Lycra in all the right places for optimal fit and flexibility.

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