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Tilts & Turns!


If you want the ball to get moving you’ve got to get your body moving and this very simple exercise is a little gem that we all should be practicing on a regular basis. I find it to be an excellent reminder of the tilts, turns and stretches we need to incorporate into the golf swing. Watch…

A few checkpoint to keep in mind when doing the exercise:

  • Hold a club across your shoulders by crossing your arms across your chest

  • Position the handle of the club on the lead/target side of your body

  • In the backswing get the handle to point at the ball or where the ball would be

  • Allow the trail side to extend and the trail knee to straighten

  • The lead side should feel low and the trail side high as it stretches and extends

  • Repeat these feels as the swing moves into the downswing and follow through

  • In the post impact portion of the swing the trail side lowers/shortens while the lead side will elevate and extend

This exercise does such a good job at reminding us what a real swing should FEEL like. While the positions of the drill are a little extreme they carry through nicely into an actual shot. I know this simple, take home exercise will go a long way towards helping a large percentage of the golfers that show up on my lesson tee. Give it a try!


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