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Instant Ready mode has been part of the TrackMan 4 suite of functions for six months and it’s making a real difference to how the top players play and practice on course. 

With Instant Ready, TrackMan 4 is now ready to track shots in just a few seconds.  

We’ve done this by creating a standby mode between shots. Enable the Instant Ready mode in the software, the standby mode is then initiated by closing the back leg of the TrackMan 4 unit when you take it down the fairway. You then open the leg again, place the TrackMan like you normally would without needing to calibrate and set a target line, and after a few seconds, it’s ready to give you all the tailored data you need when you take your next shot. 

The unit keeps its WiFi connection to the iOS device ensuring its ready to track on-course quicker than the player can take the next shot. 

As far as the data is concerned, the players will get all the data they are used to except data parameters that require a target line such as Club Path.  

Players will also be able to normalize the numbers and compare against the actual data such as carry distance to get a true picture of how they are playing in current weather conditions.  

In short, we have made a new feature that makes TrackMan 4 ready to track shots in eight seconds. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Startup the unit as normal 
  2. Start a session 
  3. Select Instant Ready mode (under the TrackMan icon in the top menu) 
  4. Close the back leg -> unit goes into standby mode and keeps the wifi connection to the iOS device 
  5. Bring it to the course, extend the back leg and the unit is ready to track in eight seconds 


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